Thursday, February 25, 2010

Bmx For Less Than Hundred Pounds


Here is the new boyfriend of pre Charlot.
And as a bonus, there is a sulky for nature walks.
Put your hard bread aside and take a turn for us.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Different Bikini Wax Shapes

In Ze Box

appointment before your positions on May 18 at 20:00 Gulli
(or May 19 at 12:00)

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Cervical Lordosis Treatment

Year of the Tiger

Chinese New Year Parade in Paris .

Off Road Lights Mounted On The Roof Rack Xterra

Tourists in Paris

riverboat rides, the absolute cliche.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Play Guitar Through Computer

22 Bahman ..

11:10 The Tehran Traffic Center has reported heavy traffic on the Yadegar Emam Highway heading northbound to Azadi Sq.

There are over 900 Iranian reporters and photographers as well 300 foreign reporters covering today's news in Iran.

Prayer booths as well as stations belonging to the Student organization, the Physical Education Organization, the Department of Education Retirees, and the Red Cross, all of which are known as the bases of the Basij, have been providing cultural, welfare and medical services throughout the protest routes.

Mehdi Karroubi has been subjected to physical assault in Sadeghiyeh Sq. and has been forced to leave the area.

Severe clashes between people and government forces at Ashrafi Esfahani Street. Tear gas and gunshots are being heard.

“Death to U.S and Israel!” along with “Allah-o Akbar (God is great)” chants are being delivered from government loudspeakers, but are not being supported and repeated by the crowds.

Large crowds of green-clad protesters are moving from Apadana, the home of Sohrab Arabi (a martyred protester) towards Azadi sq. and Mohammad Ali Jenah st. The first cases of arrest have been reported from Azadi and Sadeghieh Squares.

There have been many reports of unveiling in different areas of Tehran. However, our sources have not yet confirmed these reports.

10:30 Scattered clashes are being reported in Azadi and Sadeghiyeh Squares.

Scores of foreign reporters have traveled to Tehran to cover demonstrations observing the anniversary of the revolution. However, it is expected that they will be placed in designated locations in Azadi Sq. and denied the permission to be present at any other protests in the city to report news and images, as has been the case with previous protests in recent months.
Meanwhile, numerous reports of interference in internet access have surfaced.
Following reports of the decision by the Iranian government to restrict access to Google services, representatives from the site have stated that many Iranian users have faced problems in accessing their accounts.
Google says the volume of visits to its email services from Iran have suffered a sudden and significant decrease.

Ahmadinejad is now in Azadi Square

احمدی نژاد در میدان آزادی است

10:10 Iranian government officials have asked their supporters to participate in state-sponsored protests. They have announced that this will be the closing chapter of the wave of protests that have emerged in the aftermath of the presidential elections.

Iranian authorities have asked all their supporters to participate in the rally and said that this rally End sections will be the wave of protests after the presidential election began in June.

A large crowd of people are moving from Sadeghieh Sq. towards Azadi Sq. In light of the tight security in the area, the slogans of "Down with the dictator!" And "Courageous Iranians: Support, Support!" are most prominent. There have as of yet been no news of any conflicts or arrests at any of the protest locations.

Many Security forces can be seen around the Vesal Sq, Falakeh Sadeghieh and Kargar St.

The streets leading to Azadi Sq. are filled with the regular police force and cars carrying the Iranian flags. The people on the East side of the Square chant: “Courageous Iranians: Support! Support!”

A large show of force can be seen from the military and Basij forces around the Broadcasting building, around Karegar and North Amirabad streets.Meanwhile, according to some reports, a large group of anti-riot police have been stationed in mosques and other government centres around Azadi Sq. to be deployed on the streets when necessary.

The police have stopped two Basij trucks at Saadat Abad Sq. for unknown reasons. Police forces and plain-clothes officers have been stationed on foot and on bikes throughout Enghelab St, from 16 Azar to Vali-asr Sq.

There are crowds of people shouting “We are Countless!” on the East corner of Azadi Sq.Loudspeakers in the area are extremely loud and appear to have been arranged to overpower anti-government slogans.

9:30 Special force bikes and trucks loaded with batons and tear gas are on standby on Keshavarz Blvd, from Aria Hospital to Palestine Avenue.

9:25 There is news from Tabriz that a large number of people have gathered around the Bazaar and the main streets to protest.

There is a large crowd moving along Seyed Khandan bridge right across Khaje Nasir St. A significant number of people have been gathering in Azadi Square since the early morning hours.

Chinese anti-riot vehicles have been reported to be seen on Jame-Jam St. It appears that they will be used for the suppression of people’s protests today.

Governmental nozzles Have Been Transferring Basij forces and plain-clothes officers from different parties of the Town Towards the demonstration routes.

Plain-clothes security forces and Basij militia Have Been The stationed around Various streets. The streets are broad "under the control and supervision of uniformed and undercover security forces. All entry and exit roads around Tehran, "as well as bus terminals, are under control.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

How To Do Grecian Hair And Makeup


There is a small cat who is scratching at our door every morning for 5 days. Nicknamed by Ian Chou, she will join our herd?