Friday, April 23, 2010

White Tail Deer Pounds In Meet


Here is a response to the previous article that will give you a more detailed summary of the hierarchy in humans.
They have long followed the principle of monarchs; power is relegated from father to son. When the sisters (we talked about earlier) received their powers, they also received the legitimate authority on the peoples of Qodar.
But men were not of that opinion and did not allow them to lead. For three generations nothing was attempted against the princesses but nothing helped, either, until one day the men went hunting for nymphs. From this point the Princess tried to take power by force. They succeeded quite well on the continent Elemental, but not Yuel.
When it was time to save my people, the men tried to kill them, but they managed to hide and flee to the continent the most welcoming to them. They surélevèrent the continental plate on which they were and could well support their people as they wished. On
Yuel, the monarchy was always appreciated as when there were only men on this planet. No Councillor was heard, no king was no longer observed after his death, and no belief was in good faith.
One day a princess will be born, bringing with it the power to control every element. This Princess is one that will bring together both people and may establish Qodar on a single government that does not fail until God called him home.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

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Here I'll talk to them this month because the human race is the first race of conscious beings Qodar on. They are there for a very long time and they have evolved tremendously. They have become so advanced that there was more disease. They also say they had made the sun disappear into the sky. The problem is that without the Sun, the planet does not live it becomes more than a bland rock. That's where four sisters are party to a forgotten place that exists only when needed. They went to see the spirits that control the nature to ask them for help, but they said that the planet was doomed, she would die soon. One of them, the bigger they proposed a deal in exchange for the possibility of save the planet, it should direct it, at all costs and respect.
Humans thus became the saviors of the planet. They were destroyed and now the saved. They partly destroyed all traces of chaos and took attitudes of ordinary peasants. Only an island stayed and kept his name also became one of this era.
humans as more serious errors (I think the nymphs) but settle down with time and with the Princesses. They became virtually unbeatable 2000 years after my story.