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With us, there really is no national holidays. We celebrate birthdays, of course, but beyond that, there are only a few regional festivals and festival market.
It takes place every year and gathered all the merchants from the mainland Elemental City. They sell all sorts of things, but that day it released their most valuable goods such as spices from the high mountains, or certain cases belonging to the Princess. On this day, everything is decorated, the streets, houses, gardens and the castle. It is a purely commercial holiday, but it is the biggest party of all Qodar, people meet, discuss, is the day where all news travels, and rumors. The day where everyone will gather around some shopping! On
Qodar, there are mostly regional parties, or anniversaries. The tradition is to celebrate one day a month every anniversaries taking place during this month.
Different peoples have their celebrations, we, the Flyers, the day we celebrate the supposed birth of our race. Nymphs were celebrating the return of spring.
The Centaurs have several parties, all activity related to astronomical alignment of our moon and our planet with our Sun is one of the most beautiful. They also celebrate the arrival of some comet that travels between two solar systems and alignment with our star three closest, which happens only every two hundred years.
Sirens celebrate the birthday of their queen and the return of turtles and whales that indicate a good crop water stone.
The Dwarves a kind of pilgrimage or ritual that takes place every two years and a few days. is the time it takes for our star to give us a day of twenty-six hours instead of three. To attend this event, we must make a long trip up the highest peak Qodar, the peak of El Taran, the first having to be aware and assured the road climbs. For this perilous journey, the dwarfs are organized months in advance. They elect those who will be part of the caravan, they prepare the equipment, food, clothes, train themselves to cope with the coldest temperatures, manage their reserves, to avert a possible accident ... It is the ritual most famous and most legendary in the history of Qodar ...

that, I wish you a merry Christmas, happy holidays and I'll be back next year to give you more of my story to the next!

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Character Leste

Name: Shepherdfield
Name: Lester
Status: Princess of fire, a girl
Race: Human

Leste Princess The most affordable, when she is not with Elnia, that is to say not often, but I was lucky. Leste is very protective of the Princess of the water, she oversees all his actions, all those who observe and those who are interrogated him speak more or less discreet. I was told they did not separate more than two weeks and it was only when really necessary. I do not have a hard time imagining. They also say they each have apartments in the palace of the other.
Leste participated in the war, mainly because the fact that Elnia. If it depended her, she would help us materially but not more, which would be understandable. She leads people through his counsel, it is kind of foresight, you'd better know what's going on before launching headlong. It is very close to his daughter. I've never seen, but I saw his mother write him a letter, communicate through gems dwarfs with her, and I know they get along very well.
The Princess of the fire is apparently not married, I think it is not interested, she should already take care of his people, Elnia and daughter, it's been much. Maybe she does not lose it, from what I understand, her daughter and Princess of water have been injured under her eyes, she does not want to relive it .. .

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Dear readers, dear readers,

Today I will describe what the island Ishitar Heyl can not do since he saw that part. In addition, I will describe as it was at its peak well before the birth of your servant.
In fact, Ishitar is an archipelago consisting of a large central island and many other, larger than half the page. The secondary islands could have a different name, but no. The city is not only on land but also in the basement, connecting the islands to each other, so that the entire archipelago has assumed the name of the city.
You could see directly that this city was a marvel of technology. There were only tall buildings touching the sky. Those of the main island were much larger than the skyscrapers of Dubai. The most fascinating was to see them floating at 15 m above the ground (what Heyl could not see), to make room for arrivals by sea to land, the king to move freely and the subway to go underground .
Their metro was an important element, it worked to heat energy and some other routes are still operating as they have not been broken. The rails were like a long rope light, there are only a kind of plastic bubbles as a train. It serves the entire city, there are several subway lines. So, all major buildings in the archipelago are connected through the subway, as well as numerous bridges.
Finally, the sky above Ishitar is always blocked by dark clouds charged with lightning. This sky appeared to burst into a storm, but even after having dumped thousands of tons of water for twenty-eight week, he did not. It has never rained on the archipelago and even century, this air storm never got going ...
Well, I think I described Ishitar well, certainly better that Heyl. You will notice that I respected the color code, it will give me a good point when he will be back!

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Dear readers, dear readers,

Today, it is not Heyl you wrote, but somebody one else. Some time he is sick, so I took the opportunity to take care of her blog, failing to look after him.
Finally, I did a bit around and I realized, besides the fact that English speakers trying to read this blog, Heyl has not seen much about Qodar! That's how I decided to add my two cents in his notes. And there's work! Starting with the Centaurs. He knows nothing about them is ridiculous! So, I will make updates throughout the notes, fill in the blanks of history. And it starts now! I hope to have finished before he gets back!
And I guess some are wondering who I am, I will be pleased to answer them: I come from a world different from yours and that of Heyl. I have the ability to travel between dimensions, which causes some problems with temporal suddenly I got a Qodar in training! Because of these problems, no interdimensional traveler has the right to interfere in the history of a world, I could only watch. I returned several times to see Qodar, it was very informative!
Finally, I wish you a good month of November, reminds you that Christmas is coming, and Heyl, your seviteur, will return in a month (I intend to stay here, me).
Empress of 8 States

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Character: Elnia

Name: Lagaduc
Name: Elnia
Status: Princess of Water, married, two daughters
Race: Human

I not much talked Elnia, but I watched it and one thing is sure, it can surprise anyone.
The first thing I noticed is his relationship with Lester. These two women are all the time glued together, bickering or comment on our strategy, or to gossip. The second thing I noticed is it is the youngest princess, and even all leaders I've seen! And yet it does not disassemble and everyone respects it.
Elnia asked and is very realistic, she prefers to tell it like it is that maintaining hope, which saved us some carnage. She gets bored very quickly. I once saw her dancing her fingers in the air, so I came to see what she really was. In fact, she created a character liquid twenty centimeters high, like a little fairy, and she was dancing on the floor. It was beautiful.
I also know it was to be married when the first raid against my people took place. She could not take the plunge after our flight into the vessel. She took the binoculars from her husband.
It has a catch phrase: "it will not work" ...

Stopping Yaz Mid-cycle


The Centaurs are tall and proud. They have pride, pure and wild ones that were acquired with wisdom. Half man, half horse, they are as big figuratively than literally. Finally this is what he was reported to me, but I tend to believe it. At a meeting of clan leaders as I could see, the Princess of the Earth said that she preferred see us rather than the centaurs because it gave him less of torticollis.
These beings have much knowledge, at least in medicine (since most of our revenues come from drugs to them) and astronomy (it seems that our planet is close to a nest of stars "I've heard from those of our clan back from a meeting).
I so wanted to see, I'm sure they are as impressive as the sirens. And then he should thank them because they have protected my family and the chief's daughter who came to seek asylum ...

Centaurs live in hordes, led by a dominant male, usually one who has more knowledge. Young people learn from their fathers, their mothers and siblings.
There is a band who has always been headed by females, males of this herd are sent to others. Centaurs who want to enter the can, even males, provided they bend the rules. No need to say they are rare to want to join, but it happens.
For renewal of this case, the Hordes meet once or twice a year (if there was not enough in scope), they organized a sort of dance where partners are introduced. Nymphs were often part of the festival ...
The Centaurs are thought to be wise, they are very territorial and very adept at making war is the reason why men do not attack them. They had abandoned their weapons and did not have long waged war, while the Centaurs, who are great strategists very muscular with swords and bows made by the dwarfs, or themselves, men have preferred to do nothing .. .

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Ishitar Legend (2) The legend

Well, I could not wait until 1, so I put the result now, little bonus! This is the second part of the legend Ishitar right after the verse that says "And he sent him into the house of spirits." And then, still the same, typos, grammar, etc. ...

When die
They asked the spirits
As a last prayer,
if men could be saved.
Spirits replied that it depended only on them
and prepared without more discussion
A take them to the underworld,
But the greatest of spirits,
Whoever has the most beautiful names,
The interrupted and fought an election sisters
They and their descendants,
Would a duty to guide these men to wisdom.
They have powers that would ensure their legitimacy.
However, if they deviated from their task,
Their powers would disappear for ever.
The sisters gave their agreement
And they received control elements.

Just before returning home,
After the departure of the most powerful spirits
The others, jealous of having nothing could be objected,
cursed young women and their lines;
one that had the Earth would lose his honor,
Because the Earth is wise and commands respect.
one that had the Air would lose his emotions,
Car Air informs people's feelings.
one that had the Fire would lose his will,
For Fire is always as it sees fit.
And one that had the water soon lose his life
because water is like the flow of life.

Princess awoke in the palace of King
When it celebrated its victory.
He was surprised to see them wake
But he was still more when he saw their new powers.
The sisters realized at that moment
At what point this man was perverted
His sick mind could never be saved.
They did so the only thing they could do
To shorten the suffering of the soul;
They killed him.
Star of knowledge disappeared with him.

Princess nursed their father
then gained the power, got married and had descendants.
recent discovered new people,
knocking their world on a sound footing.
They gave finally a new name for this new world:

They thought they had finished the work of their mothers,
When Men resumed their habits.
They attacked the new people who inhabited
now, this world.
Princess realized they were no longer heard.
They then acted in the shadows,
And when the men touched the spirits of trees,
They took with them
Those who followed
And Qodar separated into two.

They say since
a descendant of four sisters born,
she will have in it, their blood
And their powers,
And she will bring this world together its people,
For finally, Qodar worthy of its name;
Earth wisdom.

And now, the end! I hope I have kept the atmosphere of this legend and have not made too many mistakes. I look forward to comments, and I leave next month!

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This legend is told in all times and in all languages on Qodar. Around a campfire, fireplace during the long winter dinners, ceremonies or even official at births and deaths. This story is the founder of our beliefs, if the people of my world have one thing in common, that's it. I think it would be a mistake not to put it. Of course, I've never heard in French, so if there are mistakes in grammar, turn of phrase, or even spelling, let me know, I would correct.

Long ago
In this world we see,
In this world we think we know,
Men were the only think
The only people judge
They were in charge of this world.

Men had kings,
These kings had the Star of Knowledge.
Every new king,
The Star was a growing problem.
After the seventy-eighth king of the twenty-seventh dynasty
She had become so large,
that men forgot the most important species on their world;
That of life.

One day a king's son, Vint
take the property from his father.
To do this, he killed him,
He took the Star of Knowledge,
Ishitar And the throne.

In a village far from the throne,
had four sisters.
The first was a historian,
The following nursed the sick.
Third concocted medicines for patients of his eldest, the youngest
instructing young children.

After their mother has died of an incurable disease,
Their father sank into madness.
They decided to separate and to travel the world
to find ways to impede his madness,
But everywhere they met the same madness.
From the desert of the Sundra,
For Lansar Deltas,
Passing Moor El'Torre,
And Islands Eleoz Palace,
all men had this even murderous madness.
Justified by knowledge and science,
knowledge or justice,
Or need, comfort and even the simple pleasure.

Each in their own way,
They tried to remedy the folly of men.
Hunters in Sundra learned to kill without being harmful,
Scientists Deltas learned to respect their experiences,
And the architects of the Moors, their environment.
But Men Eleoz did not change,
And when the new king heard what the sisters did,
He brought them to his palace
And without further explanation,
The sent into the house of spirits.

As this text is long, I cut here and give you more next month. In my language, there are rhymes, but I think even like that, it's pretty nice, right?

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The sirens are beautiful! They have long hair and a beautiful voice. They have no legs but fins very long and flowing. They have gills in the neck to breathe, that's why they leave their heads above water. Their eyes are protected by a transparent membrane or black, it depends on the color of their skin. They are hermaphrodites and have almost all a feminine appearance.
Their cities underwater are made from volcanic rock, stone or water that is collected in the deep ocean. These cities have the appearance of a large Greek temple with columns and arches. Finally that's what I was told.
From what they told me, they are directed by the regents, or mayors. There is one per city which brings order in case of problems, both say it has little to do. It is especially aware of the births and deaths and reports of changes in the city at the Princess of water. This report is made using a water stone which has virtues telepathic.
The sirens are very gifted in terms of shape, they compete with the dwarves. Although they share some knowledge, they never give the secret of their metal water is one of the best kept Qodar. The metal is a metal water resistant and lightweight, it could be confused with the fabric, but it is as strong as diamond, having a sample is a sign of wealth. Princesses of the best water may have a weave of this metal, but that gives nobody the, a stone water table is inlaid. The stone water can save data, memories, but also the energy signature of a person. It can share its data with a living being or a pure metal, so if someone wants to take the armor of a Princess, the metal turns liquid, its state of origin. The little stone water also communicate its data with other stones that come from the same rock, that's how the mayors of cities and Princesses Water communicate.
The sirens are for me, a symbol of freedom, like birds, for that reason, I pray it never disappear ...

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are our future chickens (or roosters).
For now, they made a nest in the laundry bin.

Alpha Omicron Pi Rituals

Permits tractor

I finally realized my dream.
I'm not yet ready for a race combine.

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Character: Sarraï

Name: Solens
Name: Sarra
Status: Princess of the air, married
Race: Human

, is the Princess of my air time. I saw her for the first time when she came to our village with the messengers of the clans that she had seen previously.
It is a strawberry blonde and has blue eyes. She often wears an earring with crystal on the end. When she did not, his weapon is at his side. A long spear with a bead below the blade. Several spikes of different sizes around the pearl, they are of the same metal as the blade.
I do not know what to say about it. It's a proud woman, it shows, but it does not show his feelings too. I think she is acting for the interests of his people and his family. Speaking of that, last time I saw her she was pregnant ...

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Flyers, Raiders theft (2)

To Returning to the Princess, they are very different from each other. This does not prevent them from being close-knit. They are also powerful and determined.
From what I understand, their powers are inked in them is like a part of them. They can live without, but it's like they robbed me of my wings and took off an arm to someone. The loss of a limb, or in their case of a power, is almost unbearable. I could cite the example of Yue who lost power plants, and the same, the nymphs. It reveals nothing, but I'm sure she cries every night, she wants it all day and she does not eat anything for lunch.
Seeing Yue for the first time I thought it was the war that had made as it was when I learned for nymphs and powers that I understood. And I'm wanted. If the Princess of the air gives us the flight, she will suffer the same way ...
The last time I saw her, she asked me what bothered me. I hesitated to tell him but I wanted to stay honest. Somewhere I needed to overcome my guilt. She said that the choice belonged to her and she was "in full knowledge of the facts". I do not understand this sentence, she said it so fast. But she smiled at me and told me not to worry, that only ignorant people who were guilty had decided to stay. She added that even if she suffered, it avoided a massacre and so many others suffering. I agreed and we did it again. I finally understood why it is they who have the legitimacy of the throne of Qodar.
However, we will be the Flyers, the people of Heaven, Raiders of the flight.

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is known to enjoy the countryside.

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Character: Tobian

What I will I give you a character sheet. It is a bonus well enjoy it!
I present to you the leader of my clan.

Name: Tatalian (son of ...)
Name: Tobian
Status: Flyers chieftain, married, one daughter
Race: Flyers
Princess : Sarraï

I have great respect for him. He collected after the death of my parents. He accepted me as a member of his clan and eventually I became one.
He leads the clan with wisdom and skill. He never makes things unnecessarily. I've never saw him lose his cool. It's a good person and a good leader. It
were married by "aleshala", the sacred oath, to one of ours. From her, he had a daughter who has almost the same age as me. He lost his wife during the first attack against our clan. She was everything to him, her and their daughter. Shortly thereafter, he sent his daughter to the Centaurs when the opportunity was given to him, for protection from the madness of men.
He led our clan without failing once nor show his weaknesses, until the Flyers fly by the third moon ...

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Flyers, Raiders of the flight (1) Geography

I was able to attend a meeting of clan chiefs and princesses. If I understand Elnia control Water, Lester, Fire (which goes well with his playful temperament). Yue has the powers of the earth and those Sarraï Air. Twelve
chieftains have come out of twenty. I learned that five of them were killed and their clans exterminated. The other three gave no news. They are believed to hide ...
The clan leaders were hung. They did nothing to show. He had a reassuring air that was intended. Our pride has faded.
I'm worried for my head. Her daughter was not there. Besides, I worried for her too. For his safety, she has not been taken, but it would seem that it goes well. That's all I wish him ...

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Here is a second article which will give you a geographical clearer picture of the distribution of land Qodar.
In my time the continent was cut Elemental in four. The Desert in the west was under the tutelage of the Princess of the Air. To the south, the Empire Antesia which was under the jurisdiction of the Water Princess. Princess of the Earth was in possession of the Kingdom of Earth. The northern part was the Princess of Fire and was named the Kingdom of Fire.
Since then, nothing has changed except the appearance of a fifth state, which is not negligible, the Plain Neutral. It is also called the Plain or Plain Despised Desiree (from his point of view). This state was established at the center of the continent and is under the control of a regent independent Princesses. This is regent elected by village chiefs and councilors of cities.
For the second continent, Yuel, there were more changes. First, the absence of Princesses. They have not returned to the continent, I think even they have forgotten. Second change, the great northern forest was renamed "Lost Lands" because it was the territory of the nymphs, and they, they are not. They say now that this forest is haunted. Nobody goes there. To continue, there Elenia Karani and south between the two. These two states are competing constantly towns near their common border, but over time the Wise have become lazy and did compete more with weapons ...
And finally there is our country, the Flyers, but it is kept secret ...

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Technical Specifications, features

Here, an explanation of all these powers, because you can not understand how my world without understanding what is most obvious there. Princesses have powers, we have already said, but they are not alone ...
Below is a list of living things on Qodar, their powers and Princess who governs:
_Princesse Water => Masters of water and ice => no
_Princesse of Fire => control fire and lightning => no
_Princesse Air => mastering the air and the wind => no
_Princesse Earth => overpowers soil and plants => no
_Humain => telepathic contact => Princess Water
_Sirène => Life underwater, hypnotism => Princess Water
_Nain = > no => Princess fire
_Vampire => regeneration by absorption of human blood => Princess fire
_Elfes => Long life, ability to learn quickly => Princess air
_Coming soon!
_Centaure => no => Princess of the land
_Nymphe => long life, telepathy, the ability to see beyond => Princess of the Earth

How Big Is A Neckerchief

Flyers sky people

During construction we have to hide. Humans stalk us, relentlessly.
Elves and Centaurs are home to some of our clan, but not all. The chief's daughter was sent to the Tree of births. This is the first time I rest if far from it since I know her. Without his instincts, the flight is hard, we are forced to abandon the slowest ...
The construction of the vessel for five years. Five years we'll have to flee, hide, and we continue to abandon some of ours. Those who are most secure are the territories of the Princesses, the others must scramble to reach the rendezvous point.
Then we will fly, "fly". We will ask the ship from time to time for food. Especially because the water actually worked with the Elves Dwarves (it's so rare!) So that one is autonomous level food. The water tanks are large enough and the water is sufficiently purified so that we travel fifty years without stopping. They made the ship on the principle of our wings, but in reverse. It will be visible and invisible to stop moving. We will take advantage of the darkness of the night to make a stop. It seems it will be like a moon, too bad I can not see it in flight ...
We will the Flyers, the people of Heaven!

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Heyl My name, description (continued)

Anyway, I wanted to say that men are afraid of us and our wings. They do not want us as they no longer wanted nymphs. Still, more than sixty.
One Princess does not want that. She did not another genocide. She came to us saying we have a gift for. She said as we were the son of Heaven and Earth, and like the other son of the latter we have denied, we could take possession of Ciel.J e do not like this expression, it is arrogant, but The idea is good.
The idea that a vessel. This Princess is one of Air. It controls the air and wind. It decided to divide its power in two and give us the flight. Anyway, this was predestined, with our wings ... So wings, a vessel. We
Flyers. I am a flyer, I'm Heyl.

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Here is a response to the previous article that will give you a more detailed summary of the hierarchy in humans.
They have long followed the principle of monarchs; power is relegated from father to son. When the sisters (we talked about earlier) received their powers, they also received the legitimate authority on the peoples of Qodar.
But men were not of that opinion and did not allow them to lead. For three generations nothing was attempted against the princesses but nothing helped, either, until one day the men went hunting for nymphs. From this point the Princess tried to take power by force. They succeeded quite well on the continent Elemental, but not Yuel.
When it was time to save my people, the men tried to kill them, but they managed to hide and flee to the continent the most welcoming to them. They surélevèrent the continental plate on which they were and could well support their people as they wished. On
Yuel, the monarchy was always appreciated as when there were only men on this planet. No Councillor was heard, no king was no longer observed after his death, and no belief was in good faith.
One day a princess will be born, bringing with it the power to control every element. This Princess is one that will bring together both people and may establish Qodar on a single government that does not fail until God called him home.

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Here I'll talk to them this month because the human race is the first race of conscious beings Qodar on. They are there for a very long time and they have evolved tremendously. They have become so advanced that there was more disease. They also say they had made the sun disappear into the sky. The problem is that without the Sun, the planet does not live it becomes more than a bland rock. That's where four sisters are party to a forgotten place that exists only when needed. They went to see the spirits that control the nature to ask them for help, but they said that the planet was doomed, she would die soon. One of them, the bigger they proposed a deal in exchange for the possibility of save the planet, it should direct it, at all costs and respect.
Humans thus became the saviors of the planet. They were destroyed and now the saved. They partly destroyed all traces of chaos and took attitudes of ordinary peasants. Only an island stayed and kept his name also became one of this era.
humans as more serious errors (I think the nymphs) but settle down with time and with the Princesses. They became virtually unbeatable 2000 years after my story.

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The visa procedure in summary

The visa procedure in summary

Step 1: Application for visa on arrival at the airport

You must provide the information mentioned on your passport following

Visa number:
Issue date of passport:
date of expiry of passport:

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Step 2: Your visa on arrival at the airport
Once you arrive at the airport, you want the visa counter.
You fill out a form available at the counter.

You will present the necessary documents:
The approval letter for a visa, your passport
valid until one month after the date of return from Vietnam,
The new form you just filled,
two recent passport photos,

Officials take everything .

You wait a few minutes, the time required for audits of practice.
You pay the amount in cash equal to U.S. visa requested.

official gives you your passport stamped with visa.
You're headed the Customs counters, where a customs check and verify documents and affix a stamp. It gives you your passport and you'll get your luggage on the treadmill. An officer checks your baggage at the exit to see if they match your registration tickets. And you look in the hall, the person who is holding a sign with your name or the name of your group.

You can contact us at the following address:

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The documents required to obtain a visa on arrival at the airport.

The documents required to obtain a visa on arrival at the airport.

You must have:
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- 2 recent passport photos,
- the visa approval letter,
- a new form available at the counter (sample model),
- the USD amount corresponding to the requested visa.

Then wait a few minutes.

You can contact us at the following address:

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Visa fees to be paid at the counter at the airport.

Visa fees to be paid at the counter at the airport.

You must pay this in cash directly to the desk officer at the airport in Vietnam to obtain your entry visa to Vietnam.

- 25 USD for single entry visa for a period of 1 to 3 months.
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The cost of the visa on arrival at the airport in Vietnam

The cost of the visa on arrival at the airport in Vietnam.

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types of entry visas on arrival at the airport in Vietnam

types of entry visas on arrival at the airport in Vietnam

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stamping fees payable directly to the staff at the counter will vary depending on the visa requested.

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Our fee schedule detailed by the requested visa, click here .

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The deadline for applying for a visa to Vietnam

The deadline for applying for a visa to Vietnam

There is no time to apply for a visa to enter Vietnam.

Even if the treatment only takes 2 days to obtain the approval letter, it is strongly recommended that it take 2 to 3 weeks in advance.

will avoid the costs of emergency and other problems that may arise.

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The procedure on arrival at Airport in Vietnam

The procedure on arrival at the airport in Vietnam

Upon arrival at the airport in Vietnam, you must: complete
a new simple form, be in possession of
2 passport photos size 4 x 6 cm ,
pay visa fees in USD to officials at the counter.

This procedure takes a few minutes of waiting. Then you must go through the customs counters where an employee checks and checks your passport and visa. Then you head to the mat to recover Pack your bags.

Lately, this procedure is used by more and more tourists. The waiting time may be higher.

Masterbation Encouregement

The exact date of arrival in Vietnam

The exact date of arrival in Vietnam

The arrival date is required. The departure date is not necessary.

The visa has a period of one month or 3 months for a visa on arrival at the airport in Vietnam.

Also, if you want you can extend your stay.