Saturday, June 5, 2010

Diy Plating Electrolyte

Technical Specifications, features

Here, an explanation of all these powers, because you can not understand how my world without understanding what is most obvious there. Princesses have powers, we have already said, but they are not alone ...
Below is a list of living things on Qodar, their powers and Princess who governs:
_Princesse Water => Masters of water and ice => no
_Princesse of Fire => control fire and lightning => no
_Princesse Air => mastering the air and the wind => no
_Princesse Earth => overpowers soil and plants => no
_Humain => telepathic contact => Princess Water
_Sirène => Life underwater, hypnotism => Princess Water
_Nain = > no => Princess fire
_Vampire => regeneration by absorption of human blood => Princess fire
_Elfes => Long life, ability to learn quickly => Princess air
_Coming soon!
_Centaure => no => Princess of the land
_Nymphe => long life, telepathy, the ability to see beyond => Princess of the Earth


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