Saturday, June 5, 2010

How Big Is A Neckerchief

Flyers sky people

During construction we have to hide. Humans stalk us, relentlessly.
Elves and Centaurs are home to some of our clan, but not all. The chief's daughter was sent to the Tree of births. This is the first time I rest if far from it since I know her. Without his instincts, the flight is hard, we are forced to abandon the slowest ...
The construction of the vessel for five years. Five years we'll have to flee, hide, and we continue to abandon some of ours. Those who are most secure are the territories of the Princesses, the others must scramble to reach the rendezvous point.
Then we will fly, "fly". We will ask the ship from time to time for food. Especially because the water actually worked with the Elves Dwarves (it's so rare!) So that one is autonomous level food. The water tanks are large enough and the water is sufficiently purified so that we travel fifty years without stopping. They made the ship on the principle of our wings, but in reverse. It will be visible and invisible to stop moving. We will take advantage of the darkness of the night to make a stop. It seems it will be like a moon, too bad I can not see it in flight ...
We will the Flyers, the people of Heaven!


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