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The visa procedure in summary

The visa procedure in summary

Step 1: Application for visa on arrival at the airport

You must provide the information mentioned on your passport following

Visa number:
Issue date of passport:
date of expiry of passport:

Upon receipt of the sum service charges of visa requested, we will pass your visa application to the Immigration Service. It takes 2 days to get a copy of the letter of approval we will send you by mail or fax. You must print this letter of visa approval. In France, you must present this letter if you call the authorities.

Step 2: Your visa on arrival at the airport
Once you arrive at the airport, you want the visa counter.
You fill out a form available at the counter.

You will present the necessary documents:
The approval letter for a visa, your passport
valid until one month after the date of return from Vietnam,
The new form you just filled,
two recent passport photos,

Officials take everything .

You wait a few minutes, the time required for audits of practice.
You pay the amount in cash equal to U.S. visa requested.

official gives you your passport stamped with visa.
You're headed the Customs counters, where a customs check and verify documents and affix a stamp. It gives you your passport and you'll get your luggage on the treadmill. An officer checks your baggage at the exit to see if they match your registration tickets. And you look in the hall, the person who is holding a sign with your name or the name of your group.

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