Tuesday, March 2, 2010 Sound Blaster


After speaking lands Qodar, I'll talk to his people, beginning with the nymphs.
Nymphs are things I enjoy most. Or rather was. As it is written in the book "at the heart of Narnia by Colin Duriez," Nymphs are female souls or divine beings, half living in rivers, trees or mountains. In my world there were only those trees and mountains, also known as dryads, hamadryads and goddesses.
"They look like Elves in terms of their lives and still many other ways." I quite agree, they looked so noble they, but not haughty. They had no air and graceful gestures, natural. They were topped with flowers, leaves and fruit. They were dressed in fine fabrics and flexible as a kind of incarnation of the wind. They were always cheerful and peaceful even when he had to defend themselves.
There was no hierarchy in addition to young nymphs who learned anciennes.Il there was no tension in their community. They were the most beautiful clothes that have never existed.
Unfortunately, we never see such beautiful creatures here below. They were exterminated in my thirty-fifth year. With them, we also lost the lives of our land.


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