Saturday, October 16, 2010

Stopping Yaz Mid-cycle


The Centaurs are tall and proud. They have pride, pure and wild ones that were acquired with wisdom. Half man, half horse, they are as big figuratively than literally. Finally this is what he was reported to me, but I tend to believe it. At a meeting of clan leaders as I could see, the Princess of the Earth said that she preferred see us rather than the centaurs because it gave him less of torticollis.
These beings have much knowledge, at least in medicine (since most of our revenues come from drugs to them) and astronomy (it seems that our planet is close to a nest of stars "I've heard from those of our clan back from a meeting).
I so wanted to see, I'm sure they are as impressive as the sirens. And then he should thank them because they have protected my family and the chief's daughter who came to seek asylum ...

Centaurs live in hordes, led by a dominant male, usually one who has more knowledge. Young people learn from their fathers, their mothers and siblings.
There is a band who has always been headed by females, males of this herd are sent to others. Centaurs who want to enter the can, even males, provided they bend the rules. No need to say they are rare to want to join, but it happens.
For renewal of this case, the Hordes meet once or twice a year (if there was not enough in scope), they organized a sort of dance where partners are introduced. Nymphs were often part of the festival ...
The Centaurs are thought to be wise, they are very territorial and very adept at making war is the reason why men do not attack them. They had abandoned their weapons and did not have long waged war, while the Centaurs, who are great strategists very muscular with swords and bows made by the dwarfs, or themselves, men have preferred to do nothing .. .


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