Tuesday, September 28, 2010

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Ishitar Legend (2) The legend

Well, I could not wait until 1, so I put the result now, little bonus! This is the second part of the legend Ishitar right after the verse that says "And he sent him into the house of spirits." And then, still the same, typos, grammar, etc. ...

When die
They asked the spirits
As a last prayer,
if men could be saved.
Spirits replied that it depended only on them
and prepared without more discussion
A take them to the underworld,
But the greatest of spirits,
Whoever has the most beautiful names,
The interrupted and fought an election sisters
They and their descendants,
Would a duty to guide these men to wisdom.
They have powers that would ensure their legitimacy.
However, if they deviated from their task,
Their powers would disappear for ever.
The sisters gave their agreement
And they received control elements.

Just before returning home,
After the departure of the most powerful spirits
The others, jealous of having nothing could be objected,
cursed young women and their lines;
one that had the Earth would lose his honor,
Because the Earth is wise and commands respect.
one that had the Air would lose his emotions,
Car Air informs people's feelings.
one that had the Fire would lose his will,
For Fire is always as it sees fit.
And one that had the water soon lose his life
because water is like the flow of life.

Princess awoke in the palace of King
When it celebrated its victory.
He was surprised to see them wake
But he was still more when he saw their new powers.
The sisters realized at that moment
At what point this man was perverted
His sick mind could never be saved.
They did so the only thing they could do
To shorten the suffering of the soul;
They killed him.
Star of knowledge disappeared with him.

Princess nursed their father
then gained the power, got married and had descendants.
recent discovered new people,
knocking their world on a sound footing.
They gave finally a new name for this new world:

They thought they had finished the work of their mothers,
When Men resumed their habits.
They attacked the new people who inhabited
now, this world.
Princess realized they were no longer heard.
They then acted in the shadows,
And when the men touched the spirits of trees,
They took with them
Those who followed
And Qodar separated into two.

They say since
a descendant of four sisters born,
she will have in it, their blood
And their powers,
And she will bring this world together its people,
For finally, Qodar worthy of its name;
Earth wisdom.

And now, the end! I hope I have kept the atmosphere of this legend and have not made too many mistakes. I look forward to comments, and I leave next month!


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