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This legend is told in all times and in all languages on Qodar. Around a campfire, fireplace during the long winter dinners, ceremonies or even official at births and deaths. This story is the founder of our beliefs, if the people of my world have one thing in common, that's it. I think it would be a mistake not to put it. Of course, I've never heard in French, so if there are mistakes in grammar, turn of phrase, or even spelling, let me know, I would correct.

Long ago
In this world we see,
In this world we think we know,
Men were the only think
The only people judge
They were in charge of this world.

Men had kings,
These kings had the Star of Knowledge.
Every new king,
The Star was a growing problem.
After the seventy-eighth king of the twenty-seventh dynasty
She had become so large,
that men forgot the most important species on their world;
That of life.

One day a king's son, Vint
take the property from his father.
To do this, he killed him,
He took the Star of Knowledge,
Ishitar And the throne.

In a village far from the throne,
had four sisters.
The first was a historian,
The following nursed the sick.
Third concocted medicines for patients of his eldest, the youngest
instructing young children.

After their mother has died of an incurable disease,
Their father sank into madness.
They decided to separate and to travel the world
to find ways to impede his madness,
But everywhere they met the same madness.
From the desert of the Sundra,
For Lansar Deltas,
Passing Moor El'Torre,
And Islands Eleoz Palace,
all men had this even murderous madness.
Justified by knowledge and science,
knowledge or justice,
Or need, comfort and even the simple pleasure.

Each in their own way,
They tried to remedy the folly of men.
Hunters in Sundra learned to kill without being harmful,
Scientists Deltas learned to respect their experiences,
And the architects of the Moors, their environment.
But Men Eleoz did not change,
And when the new king heard what the sisters did,
He brought them to his palace
And without further explanation,
The sent into the house of spirits.

As this text is long, I cut here and give you more next month. In my language, there are rhymes, but I think even like that, it's pretty nice, right?


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