Saturday, October 16, 2010

Gold Leaf Flakes In Bottles

Character: Elnia

Name: Lagaduc
Name: Elnia
Status: Princess of Water, married, two daughters
Race: Human

I not much talked Elnia, but I watched it and one thing is sure, it can surprise anyone.
The first thing I noticed is his relationship with Lester. These two women are all the time glued together, bickering or comment on our strategy, or to gossip. The second thing I noticed is it is the youngest princess, and even all leaders I've seen! And yet it does not disassemble and everyone respects it.
Elnia asked and is very realistic, she prefers to tell it like it is that maintaining hope, which saved us some carnage. She gets bored very quickly. I once saw her dancing her fingers in the air, so I came to see what she really was. In fact, she created a character liquid twenty centimeters high, like a little fairy, and she was dancing on the floor. It was beautiful.
I also know it was to be married when the first raid against my people took place. She could not take the plunge after our flight into the vessel. She took the binoculars from her husband.
It has a catch phrase: "it will not work" ...


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