Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Gall Stones And Leg Pain


Dear readers, dear readers,

Today, it is not Heyl you wrote, but somebody one else. Some time he is sick, so I took the opportunity to take care of her blog, failing to look after him.
Finally, I did a bit around and I realized, besides the fact that English speakers trying to read this blog, Heyl has not seen much about Qodar! That's how I decided to add my two cents in his notes. And there's work! Starting with the Centaurs. He knows nothing about them is ridiculous! So, I will make updates throughout the notes, fill in the blanks of history. And it starts now! I hope to have finished before he gets back!
And I guess some are wondering who I am, I will be pleased to answer them: I come from a world different from yours and that of Heyl. I have the ability to travel between dimensions, which causes some problems with temporal suddenly I got a Qodar in training! Because of these problems, no interdimensional traveler has the right to interfere in the history of a world, I could only watch. I returned several times to see Qodar, it was very informative!
Finally, I wish you a good month of November, reminds you that Christmas is coming, and Heyl, your seviteur, will return in a month (I intend to stay here, me).
Empress of 8 States


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