Friday, November 19, 2010

What Does The Number On Andy


Dear readers, dear readers,

Today I will describe what the island Ishitar Heyl can not do since he saw that part. In addition, I will describe as it was at its peak well before the birth of your servant.
In fact, Ishitar is an archipelago consisting of a large central island and many other, larger than half the page. The secondary islands could have a different name, but no. The city is not only on land but also in the basement, connecting the islands to each other, so that the entire archipelago has assumed the name of the city.
You could see directly that this city was a marvel of technology. There were only tall buildings touching the sky. Those of the main island were much larger than the skyscrapers of Dubai. The most fascinating was to see them floating at 15 m above the ground (what Heyl could not see), to make room for arrivals by sea to land, the king to move freely and the subway to go underground .
Their metro was an important element, it worked to heat energy and some other routes are still operating as they have not been broken. The rails were like a long rope light, there are only a kind of plastic bubbles as a train. It serves the entire city, there are several subway lines. So, all major buildings in the archipelago are connected through the subway, as well as numerous bridges.
Finally, the sky above Ishitar is always blocked by dark clouds charged with lightning. This sky appeared to burst into a storm, but even after having dumped thousands of tons of water for twenty-eight week, he did not. It has never rained on the archipelago and even century, this air storm never got going ...
Well, I think I described Ishitar well, certainly better that Heyl. You will notice that I respected the color code, it will give me a good point when he will be back!


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