Saturday, December 11, 2010

Tiffany Granath Husband And Son

Character Leste

Name: Shepherdfield
Name: Lester
Status: Princess of fire, a girl
Race: Human

Leste Princess The most affordable, when she is not with Elnia, that is to say not often, but I was lucky. Leste is very protective of the Princess of the water, she oversees all his actions, all those who observe and those who are interrogated him speak more or less discreet. I was told they did not separate more than two weeks and it was only when really necessary. I do not have a hard time imagining. They also say they each have apartments in the palace of the other.
Leste participated in the war, mainly because the fact that Elnia. If it depended her, she would help us materially but not more, which would be understandable. She leads people through his counsel, it is kind of foresight, you'd better know what's going on before launching headlong. It is very close to his daughter. I've never seen, but I saw his mother write him a letter, communicate through gems dwarfs with her, and I know they get along very well.
The Princess of the fire is apparently not married, I think it is not interested, she should already take care of his people, Elnia and daughter, it's been much. Maybe she does not lose it, from what I understand, her daughter and Princess of water have been injured under her eyes, she does not want to relive it .. .


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