Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Wedding Reply Card Dietary

Here is a second article which will give you a geographical clearer picture of the distribution of land Qodar.
In my time the continent was cut Elemental in four. The Desert in the west was under the tutelage of the Princess of the Air. To the south, the Empire Antesia which was under the jurisdiction of the Water Princess. Princess of the Earth was in possession of the Kingdom of Earth. The northern part was the Princess of Fire and was named the Kingdom of Fire.
Since then, nothing has changed except the appearance of a fifth state, which is not negligible, the Plain Neutral. It is also called the Plain or Plain Despised Desiree (from his point of view). This state was established at the center of the continent and is under the control of a regent independent Princesses. This is regent elected by village chiefs and councilors of cities.
For the second continent, Yuel, there were more changes. First, the absence of Princesses. They have not returned to the continent, I think even they have forgotten. Second change, the great northern forest was renamed "Lost Lands" because it was the territory of the nymphs, and they, they are not. They say now that this forest is haunted. Nobody goes there. To continue, there Elenia Karani and south between the two. These two states are competing constantly towns near their common border, but over time the Wise have become lazy and did compete more with weapons ...
And finally there is our country, the Flyers, but it is kept secret ...


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