Wednesday, July 7, 2010

How To Be A Good Cpht

Flyers, Raiders of the flight (1) Geography

I was able to attend a meeting of clan chiefs and princesses. If I understand Elnia control Water, Lester, Fire (which goes well with his playful temperament). Yue has the powers of the earth and those Sarraï Air. Twelve
chieftains have come out of twenty. I learned that five of them were killed and their clans exterminated. The other three gave no news. They are believed to hide ...
The clan leaders were hung. They did nothing to show. He had a reassuring air that was intended. Our pride has faded.
I'm worried for my head. Her daughter was not there. Besides, I worried for her too. For his safety, she has not been taken, but it would seem that it goes well. That's all I wish him ...


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