Wednesday, July 14, 2010

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Character: Tobian

What I will I give you a character sheet. It is a bonus well enjoy it!
I present to you the leader of my clan.

Name: Tatalian (son of ...)
Name: Tobian
Status: Flyers chieftain, married, one daughter
Race: Flyers
Princess : Sarraï

I have great respect for him. He collected after the death of my parents. He accepted me as a member of his clan and eventually I became one.
He leads the clan with wisdom and skill. He never makes things unnecessarily. I've never saw him lose his cool. It's a good person and a good leader. It
were married by "aleshala", the sacred oath, to one of ours. From her, he had a daughter who has almost the same age as me. He lost his wife during the first attack against our clan. She was everything to him, her and their daughter. Shortly thereafter, he sent his daughter to the Centaurs when the opportunity was given to him, for protection from the madness of men.
He led our clan without failing once nor show his weaknesses, until the Flyers fly by the third moon ...


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