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The United States and the Islamic Republic use a weapon of mass destruction against the workers of Iran

From: The newspaper Bridge No. 4

The Editorial

By: Saeed Valadbaygi

* New Circumstances have arisen from the civil disturbance in respect of the existence of the repressive regime and their inhuman policies. The national and international attention on the fundamental class movement grew. Maybe people's war against the government is no longer the same manner as videos and reports have placed after the elections, but these are the ashes at the slightest breeze, will turn again.

Anger has shown in our streets, pretext of voter fraud, but just listen to the conversations in the street to realize that this is not an atomic bomb that will explode but the explosion of a bomb in anger becomes increasingly imminent day by day. The question that caused much discontent and hopelessness is primarily the poor state of the economic situation of Iranian and prosperity. I speak for the people, the working class and the community that generates, have no capital other than the power of their arms. Poverty, unemployment, high cost of living and inflation are not new in Iran. The Iranian have lived for years economic pressure, but in recent years of economic crisis with the failure of international policy with the West, have created very difficult conditions for the Islamic republic. These circumstances have evolved to the point where the government has drawn its own fatal bullets. The Legislative Assembly of the Islamic Republic has in recent weeks, approved a plan for "targeting of subsidies." This accident is precisely the other side of a coin that grows in America. The Congress has finally approved In terms of "economic sanctions over wide.

The objective of the plan approved by the Islamic Council is the eradication of "government subsidies" in the sale of energy such as oil, gas, gasoline, electricity ... in addition to some basic foodstuffs. It was expected that the implementation of this plan of approximately $ 20 billion (a quarter of the country's annual budget) goes directly impose the cost of living. The removal of subsidies is not a phenomenon peculiar to the Islamic Republic, but a joint exercise of Burgesses for so-called "efficiency" of the economic function of government. A directive of Ahmadinejad intends to implement the economic burden and the budget deficit falls on the shoulders of the toiling masses. But the other issue is that this plan corresponds with streams of other citizens, without consideration to matters political.

Multiple streams National Islamic nationalism to pro-Western liberals, Dariush Homayoun Khatami and Rafsanjani and Bani Sadr ... all are in favor of this plan and it can be concluded before the working class. Meanwhile, the Islamic Republic is trying to kill humans and their economic well-being in a much more deadly and inhumane and not without reason that all said streams are sitting in silence.

But Washington will put another level - for a "broader economic sanction" in place. The U.S. Congress with the decision, which apparently is being implemented in the framework of the nuclear program of Iran, the Iranians will in problems and economic and social pressures most serious at the end through remonstrance of the population, it can be won at a very high economically and politically. The direct result of the approval of both schemes is the pressure unbearable for the Iranians. economic sanctions is a weapon of mass destruction, a weapon is used by both poles against the people. The results of economic sanctions by the not too distant, and Iraq show that nearly 5000 children and elderly people die each month due to the effects of these sanctions. This figure should be multiplied for a period of 10 years to see the effects of these weapons of mass destruction more clearly. Just as economic sanctions have failed to weaken the government of Saddam Hussein, they will not succeed against the inhumane policy of the Islamic Republic, but rather open the hands of mafias and factions of government. Years of treatment against employees and various industrial sectors by the Islamic Republic - particularly in recent months - evidence of the mafia economy. A mafia has even been trained in pre-election televised debates, and whose case has been discussed before the eyes of the people.

Given the current situation, every day a large part is devoted to new workers and rebels that alone is a little bit of joint pain and punches that sound everyday of the lower classes of society. Iranian workers know they must speak out against the inhumane policies and with their own forces change the status quo in favor of the majority. Previously, they organized independent unions and created the same principle many times and their actions have been erased by prison terms and flogging. The Islamic Republic is well known that the assembly of workers in the class struggle is very dangerous and is the cause of the collapse of the foundations of order. For this reason, the system reacts to the slightest sign of action for workers with inhuman, against the most diligent members of the community. The Islamic Republic has issued the flogging and prison terms for workers in Sanandaj. Their crime was participation in the International Workers Day on 1 May The Islamic Republic, through the union leaders removed as Osanloo and Ebrahim Madadi to the strike of bus drivers showed that will stop at nothing in his attacks against workers and their legitimate claims. But these days, the news is different in the newspapers. Yes, more prison sentences for the leaders of both workers and the union leaders Haft Tappeh Neishekar, which in recent years have represented the workers' struggle against the government. The Islamic Republic for sentencing in jail for these workers. Their crime is to have unions establishing and organizing the strike in an effort to collect their wages in arrears. This is a clear and shameless attack against workers who must be answered by the locals.

few days ago the workers of Ahvaz Pipe works and Pars Wagon took to the streets to protest against the anti-labor laws and the non-payment of wage arrears. Setting fire to tires and to take control of the roads that surround the city and factories, they sounded the siren of the workers' revolt. Although insignificant reactionary slogans can be heard these days, the breath of the fight workers for their rights with the national organization, gives hope for the future of the labor movement. Protests by workers of the most popular forms of protest in society that we have witnessed in recent days when the people of Ahvaz have joined the protests by hundreds of workers, shouting slogans against government policies. Before that, in view of the elections, the workers announced they would not participate in elections and they believed they would not have occurred under democratic conditions for the benefit of the majority. When Moussavi visited southern Iran, the workers wore countless placards announced that all candidates were of the same ilk, and no monitoring program to distinguish the well-being and improving conditions for workers. So not only do they refrain from taking part in elections, but they also take exception to the status quo. As the presence of workers on the street can not be because reformers and representatives of Mousavi and Khatami and seized in the name of the green movement. The desires of this movement have been clearly stated, on May 1st, International Workers Day. I end this piece with a statement of the Union free workers from Iran, which expresses and represents the voice of workers, directly:

The Iranian Workers Day Resolution of May 1

The current financial crisis and its destructive consequences for the working class in the world has further expanded its shadow over the daily lives of Iranian workers, but the injustices they suffer is the result of the domination of the capitalist class in Iran.

injustices such as

Salary, keep workers under the poverty line, large scale redundancies, withholding workers' wages for months, the imposition of temporary contracts and contracts for white workers by enterprises, imprisonment and flogging of workers to inhibit disobedience and resistance, lack of fair contracts and legal.

These are not problems that have emerged in Iran with the new wave of economic crisis. Such injustices exist in Iran for many years and the crisis gets worse every year. We will not keep silent against these abhorrent practices inhumane and not allow them to trample our rights, in addition to what they already have. We are the leading producers of wealth in society, and we feel it is our legitimate right to live according to the highest standards of living.

May 1st is an international day of solidarity among the working class and the day workers in the global fight against the oppressive regimes of capitalism and the expression of their desire for a world free of oppression and exploitation .

This year, the working class celebrated the 1st of May while the world capitalist system was mired in an economic crisis increasingly destructive and struggling to free themselves from this mess by all possible means.

The economic crisis now demonstrated the inability of the capitalist system to cope with its problems, having found no alternative but to transfer the weight of the crisis on the shoulders of the working class worldwide. This reflects the fact that in the post Eastern bloc and the declaration of the end of history by the decadent capitalist world, there remains no alternative for the working class in the civilized world, as free themselves from capitalist relations inhuman inhumane.

We deserve a decent life and we'll make sure we mitigate these problems avecnotre and solidarity by forming unions, which are independent of government and corporate influence.

Therefore, our workers are demanding the following as a minimum program which takes effect immediately: 1-

Job security for all workers and the abolition of temporary contracts, and newly made white.

2-We consider the minimum wage fixed by the Board of work as the imposition of the progressive death of millions of working class families, and we insist on an immediate increase in the minimum wage on the basis of legitimate claims workers, carried by the workers' real representatives and their independent unions.

3-The formation of independent labor unions, the right to strike, protest rallies free and freedom of expression is our legitimate rights, and requests should be granted unconditionally as the inalienable rights of all workers .

4 - Unpaid wages of workers must be paid immediately and from now on, this should be considered a crime, prosecutable in the courts and consequences enforced.

5-dismissal of workers using various pretexts to cease and all those sacked, or entering the labor market, should benefit from a suitable employment insurance for a decent standard of living.

6-We demand equal rights for men and women in all aspects of economic and social life, and we demand the abolition of all discriminatory laws.

7-We demand a decent pension plan for all pensioners and we condemn any practice of discrimination on the payment of these pensions.

8-We strongly support all the requests made by teachers, nurses and other white collar workers, and we consider their best in their struggle. We also demand the revocation of the death sentence of Farzad Kamangar. As

9-seasonal workers in construction are deprived of necessary social insurance rights, we support them in their fight to obtain humanitarian rights and a decent life.

10 - Capitalism is the driving force behind child labor. We demand that all children, regardless of gender, ethnicity and religion, can enjoy equal opportunities for hygiene, health and education.

11-We demand the liberation of all workers in prison, including Osanloo and Ebrahim Madadi, and removal of all judgments rendered against them, putting an end to arrests and harassment of workers. 12-

hereby pronounce our support to all freedom loving movement and equity, as the student movement and the women's movement, and we strongly condemn the arrest and imprisonment of activists.

13-We are part of the international labor movement, and as such we condemn the looting and random double exploitation and harassment of Afghan workers and other migrants in Iran.

14-We are grateful for international support to working class and our struggle in Iran, and we are their allies and solidarity with the struggles against the hardships imposed by the capitalist system.

15-May 1st should be declared a public holiday in the Iranian calendar and no ban on the celebration of this day must be repealed and prohibited.

live May Day! (The journ & e 1 May)

Long live international solidarity of the working class!

May 1, 2009

The Commission "May First"

Workers of Tehran and Suburbs, Vahed Bus Company Union of plantation workers of Haft Tappeh Sugar

the Free Trade Union of Workers in Iran

Founding Committee of the Union of builders and decorators

Collaborative Council of Labour Organizations and Activists Coordinating Committee

workers 'organizations are'

Committee to continue to establishment of workers 'organizations free "

Women's Association

Centre for Workers' Rights in Iran


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