Friday, November 13, 2009

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Urgent! Bahman (Shirko) Moarefi may be executed!

After the execution of Eshan Fattahian November 11, the International Campaign against Executions informs that Moarefi Bahman, Another Kurdish political prisoner, may soon be executed. Here the translation of the call published November 13 by Revolutionary Road:

Bahman Moarefi called "Shirko" Kurdish activist was recognized Mohareb (enemy of God) by the Iranian judicial system! Shirko Moarefi, 30, originally from Banneh (Kurdistan province) has been accused of propaganda against the regime and fight against God and was sentenced to death. He was arrested on 1 November 2007 and detained at the Intelligence Office of Saghez. Currently, he is prohibited from receiving visits in detention.

In preparation for his execution, Shirko Moarefi was transferred to an isolation cell at Central Prison Saghez. It is a militant Kurdish civilians arrested in Saghez and sentenced to death after being interrogated and severely tortured.

Bahramian Khalil's lawyer Shirko Moarefi, in an interview with the Countryside Rights of Civil and Political Prisoners to confirm the new transfer Shirko in solitary confinement for his execution, said: " the verdict is contrary to all legal bases "and that he will not stop until Shirko day will be saved.

Bahramian also urged all media and human rights activists not to remain indifferent during those critical days and to inform and alert public opinion to act against this unjust verdict.

This lawyer has released his phone number to work with the media and keep them informed.

Dr. Khalil Bahramian, Lawyer: 00989121463518

For information: the latest from Shirko on Facebook: = 182030936681

Urgent: Do whatever you can to save Shirko Maaref!

1) Sign and sign the petition:

2) Send mail as soon as you can, time is running out !

Your Excellency,

I am concerned about the situation Shirko Moarefi, 30, a member of the Kurdish minority sentenced to death. In preparation for his imminent execution, he was taken to the quarantine section of the prison Saqqez, where he has been detained since last November and where he suffered from various abuses and violence. It also says poor health, suffering from physical and psychological trauma.

Shirko Moarefi was sentenced to death for what is called "crimes against state security" and "enemy of God."

I am concerned that the scheduled execution would be a retaliation for a wave of assassinations and assassination attempts against officials held in September 2009 in the province of Kurdistan. Shirko Moarefi has nothing to do with these crimes.

So I respectfully ask you immediately stop this execution and commute his sentence.

I also ask you to consider whether to impose an immediate moratorium and clear of all executions as a first step towards the end of this punishment: the international image of the Islamic Republic of Iran could take advantage of this remarkable decision.


Outbox at:

a) Chief Justice:

Ayatollah Sadeqh Larijani, Office of the Head of the Judiciary Pasteur St., Vali Asr Ave. south of Serah-e Jomhouri, Tehran 1316814737, Islamic Republic of Iran

E-mail: Via the site,

first box: Your first
2nd box: your last name
third box: your e-mail.

b) Governor of the Province of Kurdistan: Esmail Najjar

E-mail: Messages In Persian and Kurdish, send the message via the website: . aspx? tabid = 150 hp = & 4 @ 0_1

English, French or other languages, visit: = 59

Greetings: Dear Governor


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