Thursday, November 12, 2009

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Declaration of Socialist Students of Iran

Declaration of Socialist Students from the Universities of Iran against the death penalty, repression and convictions shameful student activists and labor movement.

The popular protest movement against dictatorship and corruption of capitalism Socio-Economic and Islamic continues in various forms, each time failed to even more dictatorship. At a time when campaigns were carried out after the street long intervals, the student movement has entered the battlefield with the start of the new academic year and every day we have witnessed protests and campaigns successive one university to another in a spirit of solidarity between them and the movement has grown and gained massive appeal.

Students rightly realized they had to bring in universities slogans of the people of the street and in the process follow the issues and desires of workers, women, teachers and all sections of society to the equality and freedom. In the months that followed the coup, the labor movement has become one of the most critical and most volatile on political and social arena. On the one hand, living conditions and economic situation of workers was that they had use of successive strikes in factories and industrial centers large or small. On the other, the presence of workers, even unorganized in the recent protests, their public campaigns against the dictatorship are linked and has opened a new horizon. Also, protests and workers' struggles have entered a new phase of progress and success.

government coup, since the time of the eruption of the people, has constantly sought to use its law enforcement officers to stop the momentum. Now that the government coup is the culmination internal strife, regional and international, after bullets riddled his many freedom loving people, imprisoned, tortured and disappeared many women and men who only wanted equality and freedom, he turns against social movements, particularly against the activists and leaders of worker and student movements that have been subject to heavy prison sentences and shameful.

Heavy penalties of two to five years' imprisonment were imposed last month. Disciplinary punishment, depriving students of education, and strengthening the high-security in universities, government actions are a coup against the new campaigns and continual protests by university students across the country that put him on his knees.

Similarly, arrests of labor activists, repression of strikes and pronunciation of shameful imprisonment at the hands of the Islamic dictatorship to continue its plan to crush the movement seek only to end protests and rights of the people.

The sum of repression, the government's efforts to overthrow the state, including political repression and the repression of social movements and initiatives of fighting, and the removal of social institutions such as NGOs (especially those active in the field of child rights and the fight against the shameless exploitation and abuse against children ), have created an atmosphere where public intimidation applies the death penalty, particularly those against children and young people.

The death penalty, this tool of the hideous murder held in the hands of the dictatorship governments, increases with rage and the most horrible is the execution of juveniles in Iran, whose Islamic government capitalist oppressor is pioneer and has the highest rate of executions per capita in the world. And we saw how the pressures and formal recommendations of international institutions have been ineffective in stopping them.

All these desperate attempts by the government coup show his troubled state. And neither a return to the period preceding the electoral coup, nor his building and the end of popular protests, which are becoming more radical Islamic desperate by creating an atmosphere of oppression and intimidation, are possible. It can not create a barrier against the movement. The social movement, particularly the labor movement, will be strengthened gradually as it grows and unite with other campaign and ensure its power in the struggle. Similarly, the labor movement, with the aspirations of the masses in the popular movement will be the pioneer of this struggle and will make a giant step on the horizon of the struggles of the last thirty years.

Socialist Students of universities in Iran, condemning the crackdown, the vile prison sentences against militant workers and students and the hateful wave of executions of the coup government, defend the people's struggle against dictatorship and for freedom, equality and democratic rights. We declare our solidarity with the struggle and resistance against dictatorship and put all our efforts to achieve the popular demands of the movements for social justice and freedom. And we will engage fully in all actions in this direction.

Cheers mass campaign against the dictatorship!

Live Freedom and Equality!

Long live socialism!

Socialist Students of Iran


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