Friday, January 28, 2011

My Legs Ache/burn At Night


Dragons are the epitome of wisdom. They do not live in our dimension but can be called by people who great powers, like the Princesses. They may invoke the dragons that are linked to their element.
There are several species of dragons, elementals, adults, or Chinese dragons, there are many more that nobody has ever seen. They are known for their wisdom, the treasure they protect, and because they are impressive. They live alone and are found only rarely, when someone calls them, usually. However, a few dragons live together.
Here are the largest dragons, I guess Lonaria will be happy to add in due course:
Bahamut, is the king of dragons, it is said to live in a palace of ice and fire dragon that protects treasures and he initiates the dragon. Dragon
water or Auphy, the dragon is connected to water and therefore, the Princess of water, like the Princess was linked to him. He lives in a temple with other elemental dragons. It protects the secrets of his element, the Princess of water and a soul that came to them to stay hidden.
Dragon Air or Erless and is the oldest of all dragons, he lives with other elemental dragons in a temple. it is connected Princess of the air just as it is connected to him, however, this link has been weakened since the loss of power theft by Sarra. It protects the secrets of his element and the Princess of the air, and the lost soul, but also the history of dragons and so much of their secrets.
Dragon Clay or Ereccia, he lives with other dragons Elementary, Princess of the earth and it is linked by a weak link due to loss of power plants. It protects the secrets of his element, his Princess, and likes to talk to the lost soul who fled their homes.
Dragon fire Ornas or Ornacle, he lives with other elemental dragons. He and the Princess of fire are related. It protects the secrets of his element, Princess Fire and soul lost.
Shinryu and is the guardian of the afterlife, it protects the entrance and exit. This is the dragon of death, not Hades or Paradise. It keeps the secrets of the dead.


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