Monday, January 31, 2011

Blazing Angels Joystick

I am unmasked! Mystery

that I did not chatter of resolutions this year, I made myself take good .. I have no choice but to respond as three wonderful Copinautes kindly gave me the tag:)

First my tite Nurse Adored Carolina. A woman of energy almost inhuman. Sometimes I wonder if she takes the time to sleep at night so she browses. I love her and I love this cottage tite ball of energy on two legs ..

Then my dear Maripel . A Copinaute I know since the beginning of my adventure on blogshère. Her cottage is full of beautiful recipes. I have great respect for this great lady ..

And then my dear Miss Kat . A new character that I get to know for some time and that makes me drool not so. Not because it is not nice but because his Z'Images are too, too tempting ..

So here is my great challenges. Please do not think that my cottage is messy as these Z'Images .. Only a few pieces lol!

easy to guess that I want to do in my household spices eh? I like the squirrel syndrome and yet I know very well that the spices do not keep very long. I always have good reason to wait for my new kitchen:)

Here, try to restore a beautiful vocation other than bloody mess to this piece under the ground .. ~ No comment svplaît:)

My computer room. Since the summer is that the tapestry removed .. Indeed that is what we started yesterday .. I'll show you the following:) Note the presence of my tadpole M'ssieur Fellou hee hee!

is my ultimate challenge .. Before the holidays I changed pant size simply stop eating when I'm hungry. I'm just saying it's difficult but mautadine !!!!!

that, I wish you a great week XX

~ nancy


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