Monday, February 28, 2011

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The Sisters

Hi all, nice travelers here Lonaria because-Heyl that is not there and then I squat!

Well I'll tell you about something a little off-topic, but yours truly did not make the second post this month, I made one. As it is for him to talk about his world, I'll tell you how I got there. But not all of a sudden, it would be too long like that, I would have something to give to the next without Heyl.

Spirits, those who gave their credentials to the Princesses, as are security guards, they monitor several dimensions, certainly not all, but a whole lot. They monitor especially those flaws to manage them (if you're a piece of tomato in a fruit salad, you want to remove it). The problem is that if they watch, how can they act at the same time? (If your eyes see the tomato is not going to remove them either.) So they hired people who can travel between dimensions, and they gave their powers so that these people can act in the place of spirits . They have also trained them to be comfortable with their powers.
These people are called "Sister" as the knights if you want. These sisters are the first army of spirits and all they do is fill the gaps in size.
So much for today, I'll tell you more next time!

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